Central Vacuum Puyallup

Central Vacuum Puyallup

Central Vacuum Puyallup
A Puyallup central vacuum system is composed of multiple components to make the whole system work together as one unit. Every one of these components plays a pivotal role in reducing the amount of workload put on the owner of the equipment. Since the motor isn’t going to move from one location to another, you don’t have to worry about having to tote a large appliance around with you.

4 Components of a Puyallup Central Vacuum System

Germs, dirt and debris are all going to be eliminate from the living space and emitted outside, thus eliminating any odors and preventing the dust from recirculating in the home. All you have to do is take the hose, plug it in one of the inlets on your wall and begin to clean your home. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Explore all of the different components of your Central Vacuum Puyallup system below.

Vacuum Unit

The main center of your Puyallup central vacuum system is that of the power unit. This motor delivers the suction you need and filters out all of the debris. The motor works to pull all of the air through your hose and pipes. Everything from dirt, paper, dust, coins, hair and small toys can all end up being vacuumed up accidentally and getting stuck in the filter. You want to clean the filter every three months or so, depending upon what the capacity and filter type is. Whenever you plug the hose into the wall, your vacuum will be powered on.

Vacuum Hose

Out of all the different components that make up the Puyallup central vacuum system, the hose is the only component that you actually take with you from one room to the next to vacuum everything up. There are two ends to the hose: the one end is plugged into one of the inlet ports in your home while the other end is used to suck everything up. If you opt for the Puyallup hide-a-hose system, the hose is going to be stored inside of your system until you need to use it. The suction from the system will pull your hose back into place when done using it.

Vacuum Tools

By connecting any number of different accessories to the unit, you can get in and clean an array of different surfaces around your home. Use accessories for mopping your floor, de-shedding your pets, vacuuming out your car, cleaning the blinds and more. Either attach the accessories to your hose or use an extender to get the added length needed. With so many different accessories available, you can get everything you need all in one amazing Central Vacuum Puyallup system.

Pipe and Inlets

The vacuum pipe is what connects your inlet valves and the main unit together. The ports are connected to your hose to give the system the suction power it needs when turned on. The PVC piping is ran throughout various areas of your home. One single inlet can cover as much as 1,000-square-feet, while Puyallup hide-a-hose inlets that have a 50-foot hose can span 2,300-square-feet of space.

Take a moment and discuss all of the different options available to you with a licensed dealer. They can explain everything to you and help you determine which system is going to best accommodate your needs. Contact Vac Express today!