True Cyclonic

Our line of True Cyclonic power units includes the 466Q, the 566Q, and the Max Air. These power units are some of our most sophisticated and loved because of their low maintenance and high performance options. Here are some reasons why a home owner, business owner, or builder would want to choose the true cyclonic units.

– There are NO filters or bags needed for these systems. That means NO replacements.
– This is possible because these units are built to be vented outside.
– As with all of our products, these motors come with a limited liability warranty.
– These units are built to hold a lot of debris.
– Proudly made in America.


Home Size (Sq.Ft.)

(H2O Lift)

Max Air


Level of

260up to 3,000 112" 116 443 12014.2/10.5 5.5 70.1
 466Q up to 5,000 121" 114 477 12014.9/11.6 6 59.7
 566Q up to 8,000 135" 118 535 12015.6/12.0 6 60.7
Dual Motor
 up to 12,000 112" 232 886 12028.4/21.0 6 67.8
Dual Motor
 up to 18,000 125" 232 99012029.0/21.0 13.5 70.9
Dual Motor
up to 22,000208"122903 24013.8/13.0 6 71.1


The 466Q was built for homes that are up to 5,000 square feet in size. This unit provides 121″ of lift with a CFM max of 114. This unit can carry up to 6 gallons of debris and performs very quietly at about 59.7 decibels.


The 566Q is a bit stronger than the 466Q and was built for homes that are up to 8,000 square feet in size. Pushing 135″ of lift at a CFM max of 118, this motor does the job right. It holds up to 6 gallons of debris and is quieter than the 466Q at about 60.7 decibels.

Max Air

The Max Air is probably our most popular motor to date. This motor is extremely efficient and powerful and it is also one of the quietest options we have. The Max Air has a dual motor that was built for houses/buildings that are up to 22,000 square feet in size. With 208″ of lift and a CFM max of 122, it’s no wonder we named it the Max Air. It can store up to 6 gallons of debris and is extremely quiet at 71.1 decibels.

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