Quick Clean Up

We offer a variety of products that help with those quick clean up tasks around the house. Whether it's in the kitchen, in the laundry room, or even in the garage for your vehicles - we have a product for you. The great thing about Central Vacuum Systems is that the parts we provide are universal and can be upgraded/added on with ease.

Tool Kits

Different terrain calls for different tools. You wouldn't use the same tools to clean your carpet as you would to dust your hardwood floors, would you? We have tool kit packages that will fit the needs specific to your home. Take a look here.


There are multiple benefits to having a Central Vacuum System in your home. One of the benefits is the ability to clean more than your carpet. We carry a wide variety of tools to clean and polish your hardwood floors as well as dust around the house. View our dusting products here.


We carry a variation of powerheads at Vac Express. We want to make sure you have the powerheads that's perfect for your needs and system. Take a look at our variations here and give us a call if you need any more information or want to order a part.