Tool Kits

When it comes to tool kits for your Central Vacuum System, Vac Express has you covered. We offer a wide range of tool kits depending on your needs. For example, if you have an older system and need specific accessories that fit your plugs, we can customer order the specific tool kit. Below are our most popular tool kits, but keep in mind that we can order you anything else that’s specific to your system.

All of our tool kits come with a variety of different extensions and tools to ensure no nook or cranny is left behind.

E-Class Tool Kit

The E-Class tool kit is the premier tool kit for all your Central Vacuum needs. This kit includes a TurboCat Zoom, Turbine Powerhead, 30′ Hose with hose sock, one-piece Adjustable Wand, 12″ Premium Turn & Clean Floor Brush, Premium Crevice, Dusting & Upholstery Tools, VacPac Caddy and Wire Hose Rack. And yes, this tool kit can be ordered for either the traditional valves, or the newer Chameleon valves.

Turbo Grip

The turbo grip tool kit is for those who have traditional systems and need something that fits for the electrical version of the central vacuum system. For more specifics on this, please contact us at 206-999-0424.