Vac Express offers a variety of high-quality and affordable tools/attachments for dusting around the house. Below are some of our best central vacuum dusting products. If you would like to order anything simply give us a call or reach out via email.

Dust Mop

This is perhaps one of the most useful attachments you could have for your central vacuum system. Why? Well, it’s the easiest way to dust your hardwood or tile floors. This attachment comes with a removable duster that you can throw in the washing machine every month or so. The best part is you don’t have to replace the dusters! Simply stick it back on the dust mop and you’re ready to go again.

Since the majority of individuals start dust mopping or vacuuming by moving forward, this mop head was designed with an opening in the front for the air to flow through. Because of this opening, it helps to enhance performance and attain maximum flow in each and every sweep. You’ll love this Central Vacuum Tool. Any dust or dirt that is trapped deep beneath the surface and in any crevices will be lifted away with ease. Your mop head will gently dust and polish your hardwood flooring to leave it with a nice, clean finish.

Webs B Gone

We all know how much of a pain cobwebs can be around your home, especially when they are lining your cathedral ceilings. Who has a ladder tall enough to get up there and get rid of all the cobwebs in a 15-foot ceiling? No one wants to lug around a huge ladder just to try and reach a few cobwebs. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. With the Webs B Gone tool, your cobwebs don’t stand a chance.

If you have tall areas of your home that are loaded with dust, dirt, cobwebs and who knows what else, the Webs B Gone Seattle tool will help take care of that for you in no time. With one simple attachment, your cobwebs won’t be there for long. Quickly and easily eliminate all of the cobwebs around your home with this lightweight and stable cleaning tool. Just because the dust and dirt might be out of reach for a normal individual, that doesn’t mean they will be when you have this tool working on your side.

Floor Brush

We offer the most versatile Central Vacuum floor brush on the market. If you are looking to get something that can help clean your hardwood, tile, or marble floors, look no further than the floor brush accessory.