Central Vacuum Maintenance

Central Vacuum Maintenance

Get the most out of your Chameleon (previously Hide A Hose) or Conventional VACUFLO central vacuum system with proper ongoing maintenance and enjoy high-powered cleaning for many years to come. Our 20 point service inspection will keep your system running like the day it was installed.

Make sure to have this 20 point service inspection every 1-2 years to continue getting the most from your Chameleon (previously Hide A Hose) or Conventional system.

The Vac Express 20 Point Service Inspection

Power Unit Inspection

The power unit is what drives your VACUFLO system. If it isn’t running at its best, you may experience some issues such as a loss of suction or motor failure.

During your 20 point service inspection, we will perform the following steps to ensure your central vacuum power unit is working the way it should:

  1. Make sure the intake, exhaust, and line clamps are properly tightened
  2. Check for proper sealing around the internal motor plate gasket
  3. Inspect system motor and relay transformer
  4. Ensure proper seal of dirt canister
  5. Empty out and clean the dirt canister and power unit
  6. Remove any dirt or debris from protective lint screen
  7. Clean the exterior of the power unit and nearest pipe
  8. Ensure proper operation of utility valve
  9. Explain the steps of your system’s routine maintenance
  10. Confirm registration of your system’s warranty information

Valve/Tubing System Inspection

Taking proper care of the valve and tubing system will help to provide continued powerful suction and avoid unnecessary issues such as bad odor. During your 20 point service inspection, we will:

  1. Ensure proper sealing and functionality of inlet valve switch
  2. Tighten and level inlet screws as needed
  3. Perform pressure check for full system
  4. Diagnose and fix any leaks found during pressure check
  5. Perform thorough cleaning and deodorization of the tubing system.

Accessories Inspection

Having properly working accessories is essential to the effectiveness of your Chameleon (previously Hide A Hose) and Conventional VACUFLO system. During your 20 point service inspection, we will:

  1. Clean and check all tools
  2. Take apart power brush for thorough cleaning and make any necessary fixes
  3. Thoroughly clean and deodorize vacuum hoses
  4. Secure hose rack and make any necessary adjustments
  5. Inspect hose sock for proper installation

To get started with your Vac Express 20 point service inspection, give us a call today.