Central Vacuum Installation in Seattle

Are you looking to build a new house, remodel, or create a new addition to your current home? Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, choosing to install one of our Vac Express built-in wall vacuums will not only add value to your home, but you will be thankful it’s there any and every time a mess happens. Despite what you may think, VACUFLO central vacuum systems are easy to install and won’t break the bank. In fact, we can often have your system professionally installed for less than what it costs to buy one of the high-end portable vacuums. Vac Express has specialized in installing Central Vacuum Systems in the Seattle area since 2006 and is the premier Hide a Hose and Chameleon retractable hose installer in the greater Puget Sound area.

Our VACUFLO central vacuum systems are a modern solution for those who like to keep a clean home, but are tired of the old ways of doing things. Once installed, you will never have to carry around a heavy and clunky traditional vacuum again. Best of all, your VACUFLO system will provide you with 10 or more years of the same high-powered cleaning as when it was first installed.

At Vac Express, we currently have two VACUFLO options for those who are looking to add this game-changing technology to their homes: our standard Conventional system and the faster to use Hide-a-Hose which is a retractable hose.

Central Vacuum Installation Seattle

Conventional System

Our conventional central vacuum system will change the way you clean your home forever. Forget having to carry around the same clunky vacuum your parents and grandparents used any time you make a mess. No more having to worry about tripping over a cord or how you’re going to combat the stairs. With our conventional system, simply plug the lightweight vacuum hose into one of the pre-installed wall ports and clean up messes in no time.

Unlike traditional vacuums, our conventional VACUFLO system won’t circulate bothersome dust particles into the air–100 percent of the material and dust you vacuum is removed from your home, resulting in a clearer, fresher-smelling space. With a selection of available attachments, you’ll be ready to take on any mess that everyday life throws at you.

Chameleon System

Looking to step your game up even further? Our Chameleon(previously Hide a Hose) system provides all the same benefits and cleaning power as the conventional system, but instead of having to bring the vacuum hose to the wall port, all you have to do is open the valve on your wall and pull out as much hose as you need.

The Chameleon central vacuum system is a great way to save space and make cleaning that much easier. Each inlet in your home will have 50 feet of pre-installed central vacuum hose. All you have to do is open the valve and choose the length you need based on where you need to clean. When you’re done, the vacuum hose will self-retract using the same suction from the central vacuum system.

With one hose able to reach up to 2,300 square feet of space, you can have your entire home covered with less ports. If you are all about the high-powered, efficient cleaning of the conventional system, but want an even easier to use solution, Chameleon is the perfect choice for you.

Learn About Adding Vac Express to Your Construction Project

For more information on any of our central vacuum options, or if you’re ready to get started with your own professional installation, give us a call. Vac Express is licensed by VACUFLO and offers limited lifetime warranties on our central vacuum systems. We also offer Central Vacuum Repair in Seattle, and Central Vacuum Products.