Quick Clean Up


The Spot was designed to fit perfectly in a laundry room or mud room. The point of this useful tool is to eliminate the need to get the vacuum when you need a quick clean up. The Spot is ideal for lint, dust, and random clean-ups.

Since you can store up to 15 feet of hose in the wall with Spot, you will have plenty of room to roam around your space without having to feel confined or restricted. Cleaning up a mess on-the-spot is no longer a burden with this convenient system. If you aren’t using the system, it remains hidden out of sight until you do need it. Now, your cleaning supplies are tucked away conveniently in the wall, thus saving you space, time and hassle.
When a mess occurs, all you have to do is lift up the lid and the hose is right there at your disposal. Once you are done using it, the hose will easily retract back into the wall and out of sight. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Deemed the “butler” of the attachments available of the central vacuum system, the Wally proves useful in a variety of situations.

The Wally provides you with an easily accessible auxiliary hose for your central vacuuming system. Since the hose is quite extensive in length, you don’t have to worry about being restricted with only being able to move a foot or two from the base. Because of the flexibility, suction-power and ease-of-use, the WallyFlex Seattle is a tool that no home should be without. From your bathroom to your kitchen, closet, bedroom, laundry room and more, you can install this tool just about anywhere you desire.


The Vroom is our most popular accessory for central vacuum systems. The Vroom is useful in a kitchen cabinet, in the garage, or the laundry room. The purpose of this unit is for quick cleanup. A perfect scenario for this would be your child spilling some food on the ground during a dinner party. Instead of going to get your vacuum, you will just open your kitchen cabinet, pull out the retractable hose, clean the mess quickly, and put the hose back. This is an extremely useful unit and every central vacuum home can benefit from one.

Vroom packs up to 24’ of retractable hose into a sleek, durable case no more than three inches wide. The optional attached tool caddy holds an adjustable wand and combination rug/floor tool so your cleaning attachments are always close at hand when you need them.