Vac Express offers the best powerheads for your central vacuum units. There are a wide variety of powerheads you could purchase and we are here to help you decide on the perfect fit for your central vacuum system. The powerheads below are some of our most popular. If you would like to order one or learn more, give us a call or reach out to us via email anytime.


This powerhead unit was originally designed to be sleek, lightweight, and easy to use. You don’t need any electrical power to this unit which means is it air-driven. Additionally, the brush that is on this powerhead was made to extract dirt and dust that normal vacuums otherwise wouldn’t. This powerhead remains popular despite the new and improved TurboCat Zoom being available. If you are someone who likes to stick with the original powerhead then this unit is for you.

TurboCat Zoom

Perhaps our most popular powerhead, the TurboCat Zoom is an upgraded version of the original TurboCat. This powerhead is powerful, quite, and requires very low maintenance.

If you are worried about your furniture, don’t be. This unit has a pro-tech bumper that helps prevent any damage to your precious furniture.

Thanks to the easy-glide rollers in front, you can maneuver this unit with ease. We all know how important it is to be able to maneuver your vacuum where you need it to be without trying to fight against it in the process.

When it comes to deep cleaning your floors, the brush roller has dual bristles that help get deep into your carpeting to remove even the toughest of particles.

The non-slip belt, silent drive and bearing isolators all come together to ensure this unit operates as quietly as possible. Instead of waking everyone up, this unit makes sure you can still hear everything going on around you.

With its 13-inch vacuum path and low profile, even the toughest of paths don’t stand a chance. Edge-to-edge cleaning is easier than before when you have this tool working for you. Contact us today to order this product right to your doorstep!

Rug Rat

The Rug Rat is a handheld power brush that provides you with the same cleaning capabilities as that of the turbo cat. Regardless of whether you are in need of cleaning your carpeted stairs, upholstery or the interior of your car, this cleaning brush can handle it all.

One of the biggest complaints for people who need to clean their home is that of having to haul out multiple accessories and power cords just to clean something up. Thanks to the Rug Rat Seattle you can simply attach it to your Spot cleaning system and you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about using any extra electricity because this accessory operates off what you already have in use. Leave the extra cords, batteries and electricity behind when you use this unit around your space.

Edge Electrical Powercat

Despite non-electrical powerheads being available, the popularity of the edge electrical powercat remains strong. At Vac Express we believe that this is the best choice for an electrical powerhead because of the following reasons.

– The powerhead is adjustable in 5 variations which means that you can lower or raise it to accommodate various surfaces.
– There is an LED lamp that shows how much longer the powerhead has to go before running out of juice.
– The motor is highly protected which means there is little chance of it breaking.
– The cord is concealed within the wand that is attached to the powerhead and it is extremely easy to remove and adjust.


At the end of the day the powerhead that is right for your home has to be one that is right for your system. The original Turbocat works great, although the TurboCat Zoom tends to outperform it. The Rug Rat is an essential tool for carpet cleaning (specifically in cars and on stairs). And if you’re looking for an eletrcical option, you can’t go wrong with the Edge Electrical powerhead.

If you are still having trouble deciding what’s best for your home, please give us a call today and we would happy to assist in deciding. Also, if you would like to order one of these powerheads please give us a call today!