What’s That Vacuum System in Your Wall? (Everything You Need To Know About Central Vacuum Systems)


What’s That Vacuum System in Your Wall? (Everything You Need To Know About Central Vacuum Systems)

We’ve heard plenty of people asking questions such as the title of this post. “I want that Vacuum thing that goes inside the walls” is probably a common request of a wife whose husband is building them a new home. Maybe your kid has a friend over and that friend happens to see you pulling out a 50 foot hose from your wall. That kid will probably be asking your son/daughter, “what that hose in the wall is” at which point your kid will answer something along the lines of, “It’s this thing that cleans and goes back in the wall”.

We decided that people need to learn some more about Central Vacuum Systems instead of constantly referring to them as “the vacuum system that goes in the wall”.

The Basics

There are two kinds of Central Vacuum Systems. The older unit is called a conventional system, and the newer model is called “Hide-A-Hose”.

The conventional system does not have a retractable hose that goes into your wall, instead you store the hose in a closet and pull it out when you need it. The Hide-A-Hose system is the one that retracts into your wall and is the quickest, easiest, and most powerful vacuum cleaner that you can buy.

How Long Is The Hose?

The answer to this question can vary depending on your home. Our professionals will come out and measure certain areas of your home and let you know whether you need a 30, 50, or 60 foot hose in your home.

Is Their Maintenance?

A Central Vacuum system is extremely simple to maintain. The most you will ever have to do is clean your filter, and empty the disposal. Other than that, Vac Express offers the only certified lifetime warranty in the entire state of WA and if something does go wrong with your system, it will most likely be covered by that warranty.

Is The System Loud?

No. The beautiful thing about the Vacuum System in Your Wall is that the motor is located in the garage. This means that when you are using the vacuum inside your home, the noise from the motor is fairly silent. Of course if you are next to the motor in the garage you will be able to hear the noise.

Vacuum System In Wall

What about the Price?

This is a great question. It is a common misconception that Central Vacuum Systems are extremely expensive. In fact, they aren’t expensive at all when you compare them to the standard vacuum cleaners on the market. The price of the system fluctuates based on the size and complexity of your home, as well as what system you want. As a general price point, most systems fall between the areas of $1,500 – $3,000. Take that average and compare it to a vacuum cleaner from Sears or another store and you will see that the prices are fairly similar, while there are many more benefits.

More Information?

Please feel free to look around our website, past blogs, information pages, and more. Also, you can fill out our contact form here or give us a call at any time. We would love to answer any questions that you may have about Central Vacuum Systems!